Friday, March 29, 2013

The exodite plan

My work for converting incubi to be aspect warriors is under way and I'll post pictures about this soon. However right now I want to make notes for my plan to make an exodite army. I'll be using the corsairs armylist from IA11. So here is my initial plans. This will be much like my wych cult, just a side project that I intend to cap at 1000pts. Here are some tidbits mentioned about exodite armoured garb from Path of the Outcast scaled/hide robes, giant reptile skulls for helms, wooden riding thrones, hoods, half masks w/ eye lenses, saddle packs, knee high boots, gloves of animal scales/hides, open faced tall pointy helmets. Dark elf corsairs spring to mind straight away having listed all this. For a list here is what I'm thinking. Corsair prince 10 corsairs, 2 missile launchers 10 corsairs, 2 shuriken cannons 3 jetbikes w/ shuriken cannon (x2) Wasp war walker Nightwing Phoenix So the prince and the corairs will be made up of dark elf corsairs. The jetbikes will be cold one riders Not sure what the wasp could be. As for the nightwing and phoenix I want dragons!

Monday, March 4, 2013

Then and now...

Ive found out fairly recently that a friend of mine has started to list the number of models he's painted this year. I am far too lazy to keep such meticulous records. So instead I thought I would start a trend on my blog called "Then and now" showing a photo of my Eldar army from Feb 2012 and then taking a photo of the army each year around the same time to get an idea of how much I've done and what additions have been included in to the force. For the purposes of this I'm going to count any model that needs touching up, repainting, or basing as being "unpainted". So lets start off with then back in 5/1/12

Infantry painted: 114/160 + 0/2 guardian weapon platforms
Jetbikes painted: 5/15
Skimmers painted: 15/18
Monstrous Creatures painted: 1/2
Super heavy tanks 0/2

That's not too bad actually I'm quite happy with this.

It was at this time in the first half of last year that I was rushing to paint as much as I could for my apocalypse game. This following photo was taken in June 2012.

Infantry painted: 134/176 + 2/3 guardian weapon platforms
Jetbikes painted: 6/15 (should note that most of the guardian jetbikes are table top quality Im just not finished with them yet)
Skimmers painted: 18/18
Monstrous Creatures painted: 2/2
Super heavy tanks painted: 2/2
Flyers painted: 1/1

In the span of four months my army expanded somewhat and I feel I got a decent amount of painting done.

Earlier this week I took another photo of my force with my newest addition a lynx from Forge World!

Infantry painted: 163/179 + 3/3 guardian weapon platforms
Jetbikes painted: 6/15 (should note that most of the guardian jetbikes are table top quality Im just not finished with them yet)
Skimmers painted: 18/18
Monstrous Creatures painted: 2/2
Super heavy tanks painted: 2/3
Flyers painted: 1/1

Getting so very close now!!

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Gosford Shield 2013

Back in January my friend Anthony and I attended Gosford Shield. A 1250pt 1 day event over 4 games and was comp scored. As I don't like lower point games with my Biel Tan I intended to take my wych cult however Anthony didnt get his army painted up in time so I loaned him my Dark Eldar and I fielded my Biel Tan (as I'm anal about anyone touching my models). Being a comp event I decided to run swooping hawks and warp spiders instead of two fire prisms. I should note this was the weekend before the horrible FAQ that prevents Eldar players casting doom from inside their transports.
Farseer Doom Warding Fire Dragons x 6 Wave Serpent TL Shuriken Cannon Dire Avengers x 9 Wave Serpent TL Shuriken Cannon Shuriken Cannon Dire Avengers x 9 Wave Serpent TL Scatter Laser Shuriken Cannon Dire Avengers x 9 Wave Serpent TL Scatter Laser Shuriken Cannon Warp Spiders x 5 Exarch Dual Spinners Swooping Hawks x 5 Exarch Sun Rifle Sky Leap TOTAL 1249 As usual my photography skills were well under par and I only got a handful of photos of the day. I placed 7/27. Due to the way the tournament was scored all I needed was to have held one more objective through the day to jump to equal 3rd! The guy who won the day however blitzed the field and was miles ahead of everyone else. This event also marks my first time winning loot: Ravenwing command squad which just came out that day. So now coz I'm lazy here's some pictures of the day without explanation :)

Friday, December 21, 2012

Imperial Fists!

For some time now I've wanted to start an Imperial Fists army. Last time I proxied my army as Space Marines I didn't really enjoy it all that much however I really wanted to paint an Imperial Fist.
At first I was having a terrible time painting yellow on him but after thinning my paints it started to come good.
I read a few ideas on how to paint them online. One involved a chestnut ink wash. Well I made a mess of this! Next time I'll carefully ink the crevices near the end instead of the heavy wash I tried earlier on.
I kept the left shoulder pad off so that I could freehand the Imperial Fist symbol upon it, which I think turned out pretty good after only a couple of tries. I suspect people might use transfers instead of free handing it.
Somehow I made a mess of the bolter. Probably the easiest thing on him to paint and I think it looks shit.
The tactical marking on the right shoulder pad still needs a few more layers on it. I'm thinking if I do start an Imperial Fist army that I'll put Roman numerals inside the white arrow to indicate squad numbers.
I've also got to decide what kind of base would help make the yellow pop. I keep thinking an ash wasteland but that is a bit boring. Perhaps some ruins.
Overall I'm pretty happy with how he's turned out so far. Still needs some work on him. If I do start a Fist's army it'll just be a 1000pt force to play at Twin Linked or other double/small events. Depending what new aspects come out when the Eldar book gets updated I might paint some in a similar manner.

Wych cult: WIP

I really enjoyed being able to look at the progress my CWE had made by taking photos of the whole force together. This is the current army list I'm working towards with a couple of pictures showing it's progress. I still need to buy another raider since I've changed my list for 6th edition.

Succubus Agoniser Venom Blade
Succubus Agoniser Venom Blade
Bloodbrides x 9 Razorflail x 3 Syren Agoniser Raider Night Shields
Wyches x 8 Haywire Grenades Hekatrix Venom Blade PGL Raider Night Shields
Wyches x 8 Haywire Grenades Hekatrix Venom Blade Raider Night Shields
Wyches x 8 Haywire Grenades Hekatrix Agoniser Raider Night Shields
Wyches x 8 Haywire Grenades Hekatrix Agoniser Raider Night Shields
Wyches x 8 Haywire Grenades Hekatrix Venom Blade Raider Night Shields
Reaver Jetbikes x 6 Heat Lance x 2
Beast Masers x 3 Razorwing x 4 Khymera x 5
TOTAL 1999

Sadly the army is rather dark and thus can't see too much detail. I do intend to paint spiders webs on the vehicles and possibly have spider web tattoos on the wyches themselves.

Gosford Shield prac 3

This was actually the first practice game I played in anticipation for GS. For whatever stupid reason I've posted the batreps in reverse order. Anyway this battle was against Tau and resulted in a humiliating defeat. Even in 5th edition I had a lot of problems against Tau using my wych cult and 6th didn't help that at all.
My opponents list was something like this:
Suit commander flamer, plasma, missile pods (Warlord trait outflank) body guard x 2. Same load out except one has the self destruct ability.
Fire warriors (2 squads)
Broadsides x 3, blacksun filter, multitracker
sniper teams (2 I believe)
I believe the mission was Vanguard Strike with The Emperor's Will as the mission. I don't recall what drugs I rolled.
Tau: Deployment
My opponent forgot he could deep strike his HQ so instead they are outflanking.

Dark Eldar: Deployment I hide in the corner trying to be out of range as I believe it was Night fighting turn 1.

Tau: Turn 1 Most guns are out of range/unable to see. However some shooting stuns and immobilises a Ravager. Dark Eldar: Turn 1 Another pretty uneventful turn I just moved up. Tau: Turn 2 My opponents HQ turns up right behind my lines.

And easily blow the raider with my Warlord up.

Further shooting blows up a ravager.

The shooting doesn't end there...

I think these girls end up pinned.

So the table looks like this at the end of Tau turn 2. I don't think I passed a single jink save. Also this game made me realise how badly I miss night shields.

Dark Eldar: Turn 2 Dark lance fire misses, pistols do nothing and many wyches die to overwatch.

I think the blood brides were also pinned so I charged my last embarked squad into the fire warriors. I was originally hoping to charge the sniper team but I wasn't too keen on the terrain roll.

Tau: Turn 3 Oddly enough the Tau's shooting isn't too effective this round. The squad that killed the fire warriors ends up going to group which saves a couple of them.
Dark Eldar: Turn 3 I concede at the end of turn 3 after my succubi and her wych squad lose combat to the suit team. I don't think I even put a single wound into them.

This game sucked! I don't believe I made a single jink save or if I did there wasn't many. I failed the majority of leadership tests I was required to make aaaand lost combat to Tau! Sad!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Gosford Shield prac 2

Continuing to catch up on events I have another battle report against the Iron Warriors. This time using my wych cult You'll notice throughout the battle Dire Avengers on the field. I used these guys to represent my pain tokens as I seem to have misplaced my bag of skulls.
On to the battle!

My army list - don't remember specifics
Succubus, venom blade, Agoniser (Legendary Fighter)
Succubus, venom blade, Agoniser
Bloodbrides x 10, Razorflail x 3, Syren w/ Agoniser - Raider
Wyches x 9, hekatrix, Agoniser, haywire grenades - Raider
Wyches x 9, hekatrix, Agoniser, haywire grenades - Raider
Wyches x 10, hekatrix, Agoniser, haywire grenades - Raider

My opponents list
Lysander (don't recall warlord trait)
Master of the forge, conversion beamer
Sternguard x 8, drop pod
Tactical marines x 10, Rhino
Tactical marines x 10, Rhino

Mission: The Scouring
Deployment: Pitched Battle
I think we had Night Fighting turn one.
Drug roll: Pain Token

Dark Eldar: Deployment
I hide my raiders and ravagers as best I could in case my opponent stole the initiative.

Iron Warriors: Deployment
My opponent divides his forces in two. Rhino w/ marines in one corner with the Master of the Forge. In the other corner the other rhino and the dreadnought. Lysander and sternguard are in their drop pod.

Dark Eldar: Turn 1
Not much happens this round I just move out getting ready for turn 2

Iron Warriors: Turn 1
Lysander drops down close to MotF then moves out to fire. I may have had night shields or some such as I don't recall Lysander and friends doing anything.

Dark Eldar: Turn 2
On my left flank I move into position to take out the rhino with mass dark lances.

On my right flank I position myself and fire lances into the sternguard in hopes of killing the flamer guys before assaulting with my HQ (Warlord), her unit, and the Bloodbrides. I issue a challenge with my hekatrix hoping to neuter Lysander however a brave sergeant steps up to take her on.

Combat goes reasonably well and I win combat killing several sternguard.

Iron Warriors: Turn 2
I don't think much happens in this turn. Looks like the sternguard all died off however.

Dark Eldar: Turn 3
Lysander continues to fight bravely on his own. Massed lance fire takes out the dreadnought. I barely make it into assault as I clipped the terrain.

Iron Warriors: Turn 3
My wyches led by their second succubi defeat the tactical marines, whilst Lysander wins combat but remains tarpitted by two fearless wyches.

Dark Eldar: Turn 4
I shuffle around my vehicles with my succubi jumping into a raider. I do recall the MotF making a stupid amount of cover saves against my lances. He did die in the end however.

Iron Warriors: Turn 4
Lysander remains in combat with a fearless wych.
Dark Eldar: Turn 5
My succubi disembarks from her raider and charges into Lysander landing several poisoned attacks from her venom blade which eventually takes the old boy out.

My opponent concedes. Thinking back I seem to recall destroying the rhino that was behind the building where the MotF was. So at the top of 5 there was only a single tactical squad remaining to my 2 wych squads camping on objectives. I also secured Line Breaker, First Blood, Warlord compared to my opponent only claiming Warlord.
Tomorrow night Ill post up the final Gosford Shied practice game (it was actually the first game I played) against Tau.